Who Rescued Whom?

Kristi Forbes and her dog Jetta, June Cline, Sandy Weaver Carman, Center for Laughing and Learning, Voicework on Demand, Happiness is Job One, happy, recipeKristi Forbes is a woman on a mission. She thought her mission was to become a mother, but that wasn’t part of the plan, apparently. Instead, she and her husband adopted Jetta, and life as she knew it will never be the same. Oh, and Jetta isn’t a child – she’s a dog! June Cline and Sandy Weaver Carman explored infertility, book publishing and serendipity with Kristi in this 25 minute podcast. They also explored food, and Kristi shared her favorite food from childhood right up til today – Down East Clam Chowder. Never heard of it? No worries – neither had June or Sandy, and Kristi explains it in the show and shares the recipe below. Push play on the podcast and scroll down for the yummy, very different kind of clam chowder.

Kristi Forbes Down East Clam Chowder

6 to 8 potatoes, diced
1/2 onion, diced
3 or 4 slices bacon, cooked and chopped up
3 or 4 cans chopped clams
One batch dumplings – recipe follows

In a medium stockpot, cook the bacon until well-done. Remove and drain on paper towels. Add the potatoes and onion to the bacon drippings and cook until the onions are translucent. Add the clams, including the juice from the clams, and then add enough water to cover everything. Add the dumplings and cook about 30 minutes, or until dumplings are firm, adding water as necessary to keep it all covered. Dish up into bowls and garnish with crumbled bacon.

Here’s the dumpling recipe…

Kristi Forbes' recipe for Down East Clam Chowder dumplings, June Cline, Sandy Weaver Carman, Center for Laughing and Learning, Happiness is Job One, happy, recipe