A Teaspoon of Happiness

If you need a lift, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Happiness Recipe, we’re all about making the corners of your mouth turn up, and giving you tools to help the people around you be happier, too! So, in the pursuit of a happier planet, here are some things that speak to us. You, too? Please enjoy, then share the enjoyment!

This isn’t a surprise to us, because June and Sandy often talk with people who have no idea what makes them happy. A Harvard professor’s research shows just that – most people have serious misconceptions about what makes them happy, which is why they miss out on happiness in their lives. Read the article here¬†and then be part of a Sustaining Happiness Salon with June and Sandy. If you’re not in the Atlanta area, put together a group of 10 people and invite them to host it for you. It’s a learning experience where everyone leaves happier, and the lunch is pretty good, too!

Sure, we all know people who seem to delight in raining on parades, but research proves that humans have a built-in bias towards happiness.

We know food can make us happy, but did you know it can REALLY make you happy? Check out the research, stats and food lists on this Eat Your Way to Happiness post.

Who wouldn’t want to work for this company?? A temp company called Ruby Receptionists noticed their people were making too many mistakes. Instead of shame, blame and flame, they encouraged happiness. Read how well that worked!


Ever wonder who the true leader is? This video sheds some light, and guess what? It’s probably not who you think it is!


The father of positive psychology, Dr. Martin Seligman, explains how he’s working to make the world a happier place…


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