Ready to Become a Front Row Fanatic?

Photo of Marilyn Sherman, June Cline, Sandy Weaver Carman, happy, happiness, recipe, Center for Laughing and Learning, Happiness is Job One, Marilyn Sherman believes that life is just one big theatre/arena/stadium, and we’re all in the seats of our choosing. What seat are you choosing for your life? Sharing stories of her balcony first marriage, her path of self-discovery, and her almost-blew-it meeting of her soulmate, Marilyn ushers you towards the front row seat for your life, too. June Cline and Sandy Weaver Carman drew out secrets from Marilyn’s college days, Marilyn’s latest front-row dream, plus her New Year’s Eve treat, made by her French husband. Push “play” on the podcast and scroll down for the ultimate decadent savory snack.

Yves’ New Years Eve Foie Gras

1/2 pound Grade A foie gras, cleaned and deveined
Salt & pepper to taste
Toast points
Rhubarb or apricot chutney

Cut foie gras into half-inch thick slices and salt & pepper both sides. In a saute pan just large enough to hold the pieces, pour just enough oil (olive oil, canola or peanut) to coat the bottom. Get the pan very hot, but not smoking, and lay the foie gras in. Saute on each side for 30-45 seconds – it will still be pink inside – and then transfer to paper towels to blot off any excess oil. Serve hot, with toast points and chutney.