Happiness Recipe Wall of Fame

To celebrate the first year of Happiness Recipe radio, June, Sandy and 20 guest-authors published a book!

cover of the Happiness Recipe best-selling book, June Cline, Sandy Weaver Carman, Center for Laughing and Learning, Voicework on Demand, happy, happiness, recipe, wit, wisdom, food

Happiness Recipe – whippin’ up happiness with wit, wisdom and wonderful food!

This is our Wall of Fame – people who pre-ordered the book and supported Happiness Recipe. Thank you all – and just wait for the fun we have in store for you in 2015!

Meredith Estep

Christine Tilburg
Larry A. Chambless
Robert Alan Black
Angela Eanes
Donna Askeland
Patti J. Garrigus
Joy H. Finch
James Taylor

Bonnie Daneker
Tom Nixon
Deborah Gardner-Cifarelli
Sara Rafferty
Jim Dawson
Jodey Smith
Linda Scharf
Cassandra Shockley

Miriam Kock
Barbara M. Collins
Sid Plait
Debra Stokes
Bobby Poe Jr.
Al McCree
Cie Murray
Bobbe White
Joan Ellen Pearlman

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