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Floundering in frustration?

Climbing the walls using peoples’ heads as a ladder?

What if we could show you how to …

Turn your stress into happiness
Turn your frustration into elation
Turn your gloom into vroom-vroom!!

…with just these five steps?

Identify your happiness
Ask for support
Stop arguing for your limitations
Stand in your power
Live your happiness

Sustaining Happiness Salon with June Cline & Sandy Weaver…A completely different approach to nourishing your happiness!

Remember a time that you were over-the-top happy? What were the components that made you that happy?

This event is all about the wit, wisdom and wonderful food of your very own Happiness Recipe. You will leave with a better understanding of the components of happiness, both for you and for others. This workshop allows you to instantly know if you are aiding and abetting your personal happiness process, or are caught in the act of sabotaging it! (C’mon – you know we do this to ourselves all the time!)

You’ll learn how to:

Identify Your Happiness
Ask for support
StoP arguing for your limitations
Stand in your Power
Live Your happiness

Want June and Sandy to bring their Sustaining Happiness Salon to your business, organization or association? It’s a wonderful way to build a more cohesive team and a gift to both your employees/members and your organization’s health. To get a customized Happiness Recipe experience of your own, call June or Sandy – June at 480-518-0565 & Sandy at 770-310-6932.

To learn more about June’s programs, click here.

To learn more about Sandy’s programs, click here.

Love to travel? Watch for upcoming vacationars featuring June and Sandy – details here once registration is open.


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