Happiness Recipe – The Book!

Do you need a little more happiness in your life? Apparently a lot of people do – the book hit #1 on Amazon in the first week of release!

How about 20 Happiness Recipes from 21 well-known thought leaders, speakers and entrepreneurs?

Here you go – Happiness Recipe – the Book!

 Who’s in the book, you might ask?
Christine Cashen
Joe Contrera
Essie Escobedo
Dr. Shirley Garrett
Dr. Margarita Gurri
Neil Howe & Craig Williams
Chad Hymas
Dr. Kristina Jacobs
Kathy L. Kirk
Gayle Lantz
Vanessa Lowry
Myra McElhaney
Julie Ostrow
Lisa Pemberton
Shareen Richter
Levi Riggs
Cathy Sikorski
Lorikay Stone
Don Thoren
Kathleen Thoren
Learn how commitment equals happiness, how nourishment of your soul makes you happy, how to let go of yukky to get to yummy and many more personal happiness recipes from the book’s guest authors.
Along the way, June and Sandy are sure some of these ideas will resonate with you, helping you to find your own personal Happiness Recipe. And when you’re happier, the people around you are happier, and so you become the leader of your own happiness movement!
Make the world a happier place, one set of ears – or in this case, eyes – at a time with Happiness Recipe – the book! And please share the Happiness Recipe podcast with your friends. Look at all the happiness you’re spreading! You ROCK!!

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$19.95 + $4.95 S/H for US order of 1 book shipped with standard shipping. $7.95 S/H for US order of 1 book with priority shipping. (International Shipping varies.)

For questions about book orders, email customerservice@apexbm.com or call 470-239-8547 M-F 9 a.m.- 5:30 p.m. EST

Get Happiness Recipe for you, a friend or family member and spread the happiness! Be part of the Happiness Recipe International movement, and make the world a happier place, one person at a time.

Rather have the Kindle version? Here you go!

When June and Sandy released Happiness Recipe – the book, over 200 media outlets across the country ran with the story. Here’s just one example of how happiness helps everywhere!

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